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Look what arrived!! So excited to start filming ;D Subscribe to my channel (click the link in my description) for future content including my comedic observation show #SoapBox, cosplay show #KinderCrafting, gaming show w/ @teddygramesq #ILoveLosing & highly anticipated return of #PerfectSquaresPodcast w/ @i_am_platypus (livestreamed every Wednesday starting tomorrow at 8:30PM PST!)… Hope to see you <3

Oops… after a productive/stressful week, I rewarded myself w/ the BevMo 5cents wine sale & now I’m tipsy, filtering shit in sepia. I’m drinking moscato if you want to join me in spirit. And #drunktweets w/ @jessicamerizan may happen depending on how the evening progresses ;p

I’m so into this interpretation of Hawkgirl it’s not even OK. Working on a few other costumes but should I add her to the list?? Also working on my convention calendar for the 2015 season - email me at {jessicamarzipan <at> gmail <dot> com} if you’re an organizer looking for a scrappy addition to your line up ;D