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He soon deleted the comment after ether getting butt hurt or realized what we spoke of was true.

Do not doubt the community, suga.

Sorry but you have no clue what you’re talking about. 

When I was sitting on the floor, we were waiting to get back to my room so I could get out of my costume and figure out whether I was going to be OK or not. The walls were ALL taken with kids sitting up against them eating food and relaxing. Even when I’m sick, I’m not going to ask some 14 year old kid in a kigurumi to move out of my way. So after waiting for 20 minutes for the elevator packed like sardines in a situation which would have totally gotten the whole place shut down if the fire-marshall ever walked in (because it took around 35 minutes EVERY time you wanted to use one - ask anyone at the con), I couldn’t stand anymore. I sat where I was standing, and I physically couldn’t get up. 

When the security guard came over, I told her I needed medical help. She told me I had to get up off the floor. I told her I couldn’t move and I needed to sit down. That’s when I got angry. The situation was cleared up because an elevator soon became available and the security guard let me sit there after I yelled that she could either arrest me or get me an ambulance. I imagine she was happy the elevator arrived because it would have been quite a lot of paperwork for her. 

It wasn’t a reality show. It was my life, and that was what happened. I’ve been really good at ignoring the comments for this entire stupid silly thing, but all the speculation about a medical illness is dumb. 

There is ZERO way to predict that I would become violently ill. I wear wool coats and tops. It just makes me itchy. I don’t know what happened that day. We imagine it was a combination of the wool, the tightness of the (100% handmade) wig on my head and the fucking godawful smell of the convention which gave me one of the worst migraines I’ve ever had, and sheer exhaustion. 

I vomited for 16 hours and couldn’t drink water. The film crew asked me if I wanted to stop and they didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to. All the rumors about me faking it, or the crew pushing people out of the way are completely untrue. Cosplayers were yelling at the crew - but I am the one who told them they could film me. And I consented to it. Some random dude doesn’t get to invade my space to white knight me. A few strangers did try bring me water and wet towels. I’m really thankful to them. But no, no one carried me on their backs to my hotel room. And when I did get into the elevator, three people were eating their food in it. Holly said “Hey she’s really sick. Can you get the next elevator or at least not eat in here?” And a guy looked at us, deadpan and said, “It’s ok. Someone already threw up in here.”

So no, I’m sorry, but this fake nostalgic spirit of the “cosplay community” that a small corner of Tumblr has fabricated does not exist. I have a wonderful support group and there will always be incredible kind strangers who go out of their way to help someone out. I’m sorry I was totally delirious and wasn’t able to thank them. Holly and the crew took care of me when I was vulnerable. Becky came upstairs to check on me. All the girls in the cast were so worried when they found out.

It was a nightmare, but I am so damn proud that I wore a costume from my favorite Intellectual Property with my own spin on it, completely made in 3 different hotel rooms in less than 1.5 weeks, and I can’t wait to wear it again when I source synthetic material for new wigs.

So I’m going to take note from Lily Allen and tell anyone who feels differently to fuck you very much :)

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